Sign Language Specialists Interpreting Assignments/Workshops

Terms and Conditions

General Rates

General Rates cover non-specialized interpreting situations $ 110.00 initial fee (covers up to two hours of interpreting or consulting services) $ 55.00 per hour there after (in ½ hour increments) per interpreter. Some assignments require two interpreters to complete an assignment.

Specific Rates

Some specific assignments such as: platform, stage, and legal are a different rate. Most legal settings start at $80.00 an hour.

Emergency rate for any assignments scheduled less than 24hrs in advance is a $50.00 charge, and will be added to the total bill. Holidays and nights/weekends subject to additional cost, depending upon availability.

Sign Language Classes (all ages)

Sign Language classes are a $250.00 flat rate for any class given (normally 1 hour in length) under an average class of 20 people. Over 20 people are an extra charge per person. We offer baby signs from 3mths-12 years old, adolescent-young adult, and basic to advance classes for Adults (teachers/staff/professionals).

Specialty sign language classes are available for specifically geared training in fields such as: medical, technical, trade, emergency response personal, police, fire, legal, banking, cooking, sports, athletic, etc.

Ongoing classes, 6-8 weeks are also available. The amount of cost is to be determined by length, content, duration and expertise of subject matter being taught. Any assignments continuing beyond 30 days require a deposit prior to services.

A deposit is required on all classes.

Exceptions and Additional Fees

Differential rates for platform, legal, and deaf-blind (tactile), or otherwise more demanding assignments will be negotiated at the time a request is made. Specialized classes are determined on an individual basis.


Jobs canceled 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends, prior to the assignment will not be billed. Assignments canceled within the 48 hour range will be billed for estimated time of assignment or a minimum show. No-Shows are billed without exception for the booked amount of time.

No Shows

All appointments have a 20 minute no show policy. Interpreters are dismissed from the assignment after 20 minutes if no client has arrived. This is standard policy. There are no extensions on the scheduled time frame. No shows will be billed for booked time frame.

Reimbursable Charge

The Agency does charge for mileage over 50 miles on government contracts, hospital contracts and third party agreements. Private, individuals or sub-contracting positions do not charge mileage.

 Parking fees will be added to the request of payment if agreed upon prior to scheduling.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Agency can possibly cancel in extreme conditions, if safety is an issue, and no cost will be billed.


To be able to schedule an assignment, any job over $300.00 or any assignments scheduled longer than a 24 hour time frame.

Payment Term

Invoice will be given at time of service or within 3 business days of assignments. Please always confirm invoice. Some assignments need payment prior, to booking and /or deposit.

Please mail all checks to: National Interpreting Agency

                                          PO Box 35478

                                          Cleveland, Ohio 44135    

Credit Card

You may call in a credit card payment if it’s before one week of invoice date. Please note this is one week prior to the policy of check payments.

***Payments must be made within two weeks of invoice received date.***

Any payments not post marked within two weeks of invoice date will be billed an additional charge of $25.00 per week, thereafter 30 days subject to possible legal action.

Any payment arrangements that do not follow this MUST be approved by the NIA office prior to scheduling any assignment.

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