Sign Language Specialists Interpreting Assignments/Workshops

Sign Language


Please be aware of the forms you may need..

If you are doing a job that needs a signed document, verifying that services were provided, please have a blank copy of form #211 Verification of services form (VS)

Please ensure that you (interpreter) fill out all the information and sign/date the form then ask to have an employee review and agree to its information by signing and dating the form.

Once you have it signed please ask to kindly fax the form to the NIA office by fax # 330-975-4419 , then save a hard copy yourself, due to technical difficult may result in the fax disappearing, while in transit from the assignment site. Once you have received confirmation from the NIA office, you will be asked to then disregard it.

Any assignments being booked by a 3rd party agency, will require paperwork specified prior to the scheduling of the assignment.

Articles for Hospitals and Emergency Deptartments, Police/Fire ...

PS.. We do have special classes for first responders to be able to feel more comfortable knowing some basic sign. Great article provided below..

If interested in booking a class please fill out the form below, and I will contact you will information. vital in somany senerios..We as interpreters must be willing to work with so many different types of personality s that this makes us very adaptable to many situations, yet we do not always, see eye to eye, so we must try our best to give our respect to all the individuals we encounter throughout are assignments.When team interpreter is called for, hopefully you like your teammate working with you, if not just remember its only one assignment, and no one ..not even the other interpreter can judge you more, than you already judge yourself. Do your best, and leave the rest...

For those interpreters who are new to the field, I know it is very hard sometimes to find a way for people to just "give you a chance" I understand.

You need the experience but everyone is afraid because you recently just graduated. Well the best way, to overcome this, is to be available and persistent, in taking assignments. Offer your ability to volunteer programs or shadow experienced interpreters if possible. Trying many different accepts of the interpreting field makes you well rounded and very knowledgeable on what kind of assignments you may want to specialize in. Never be afraid, to progress in your field, do your homework on the topics, before hand, put your complete focus on your assignment, have a good attitude, have confidence in yourself, and have fun doing what you love... INTERPRETING..