Sign Language Specialists Interpreting Assignments/Workshops

Meet some of our interpreters!


Portage/Summit/Cuyahoga Counties

Kim Bass is a certified interpreter through RID, and teaches classes at Hiram and Akron University. She has a masters degree in Vocational Rehab and teaches in local high schools. Kim is also a free lance interpreter for a variety of agencies including: Sorenson VRS.

Northeastern Ohio

Stephanie Jessup

Stephanie has a strong theatrical background and strives to be an expressive interpreter.While she enjoys interpreting for all ages, her true passion is working with young children. She has a lot of experience in school systems at the elementary level. She looks forward to teaching ASL classes to children of all ages. Stephanie's goal is to provide quality teachings and interpreting in a comfortable .and entertaining atmosphere.


Andrea has been interpreting professionally since graduating from college. Andrea sets herself apart from others by being unafraid to work in any interpreting setting. Andrea feels comfortable with both educational and community interpreting, thus giving her a multitude of experience and flexibility as a professional.

Heather Perry is an RID member. She has a versatile mixture of community interpreting assignments. She enjoys interpreting platform which includes conferences, trainings and political assignments. She would enjoy doing more theatrical and political assignments. She teaches an exciting class for babies, adults and children. She is highly motivated, enthusiastic and will be a flexible interpreter for a multitude of interpreting assignments.

Becky Brady is a graduate from the University of Akron and a certified interpreter through RID. She works for a variety of interpreter agencies and also works as a video relay interpreter through Sorenson. Becky has many years of experience. She enjoys interpreting at the local University and freelancing. She loves meeting new people in the community!