Sign Language Specialists Interpreting Assignments/Workshops

This agency is proud to share that we are all

members of R.I.D. (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) and many

are licensed interpreters through the Board of Education in the state of Ohio, and obtain an Associate of Applied Science Degree specializing in Deaf Interpretive Services and are trained in a variety of specialized areas such as: educational settings, social services, which include working with children of various developmental delays or handicaps, thus being C.P.I. trained in challenging situations for the majority of our interpreters. 

Young babies learn Sign Language as their second language very easily and seem to better adjust at an early age to communicate better if they can get their feelings out, so our Baby Sign Classes are a great opportunity for parents looking to advance their child's communication skills. 

We also have certified Baby Signs instructors and Signing Time Academy Instructors for our early childhood settings in day care, home schooling work shops, and private classes. All services are insured by professional liability insurance, and work on a W 9, which is all private sub contractors. Their is no legal obligation on your company's end, we handle all of that. We guarantee services are accurate and professional at all times. We feel very comfortable in the fact that you will love to use our services and will be prospective clients for many years. Many resources are available for you on our resource link area, but please feel free to contact me personally with any questions. My contact information is listed and available if needed and thank you for your interest in National Interpreting Agency.